HOT Approach Professional Development

Professional Development forms the core of the Connecticut Office of the Arts HOT APPROACH. Grounded in current research and best practices in teaching and learning, it is designed to engage arts and non-arts classroom teachers, administrators, teaching artists and parents. HOT APPROACH professional development demonstrates the value of arts integrated learning communities, fosters collaboration and provides educators actionable strategies and skills to address learning challenges, and advances learning through differentiated instruction. The HOT APPROACH cultivates higher order thinking skills and inquiry –based teaching and learning in and through the arts processes of creating, performing, responding and connecting. The HOT APPROACH provides opportunities for growth and development along the Arts Learning Continuum.

The Arts Learning Continuum reflects growth and development from...

  • Arts Access, where schools provide students with exposure to the arts through field trips, school or classroom visits, performance(s),“informance(s),” and/or lecture demonstrations by artists or artist groups. To ...
  • Arts Connection and Correlation, which extend Arts Access experiences and begin to make connections between the arts experience and curriculum.  To ...
  • Arts Integration, which are sequential arts learning experiences that weave ideas and concepts between and among arts and non-arts disciplines, effectively advancing knowledge and/or skills in an arts discipline while concurrently advancing knowledge and/or skills in other disciplines.


2017-2018 Opportunities 




HOT Schools Quote

As a result of this professional development, I will provide my students with comprehensive experience with text and language by using music and movement in order to promote a better understanding of any text.

Cameo Thorne, High School in the Community