HOT-conducted Workshops

Leadershops are day-long workshops collaboratively designed, hosted, and conducted by a HOT school and HOT Schools staff to share best practices, developed and tested in HOT schools over time. Open statewide, Leadershops illustrate the HOT Schools APPROACH to teaching and learning in action, and provide instructional practice for educators to implement components of the HOT APPROACH in their school or site, while concurrently building leadership skills in presenting teachers.

Leadershops broaden the reach of the program to non-HOT schools. They identify skills and tools for facilitating the exchange of lessons learned and develop the capacity of HOT educators as leaders in arts learning and arts integration. For more information please view our calendar.

Examples of Leadershops

HOT Schools Quote

"Higher Order Thinking - Creativity is a skill that can be taught."

Kerrigan Crouse, Hallen School