Town Meeting/School-wide Share

A school gathering celebration

Town Meeting is a whole school gathering that develops community and provides a forum to celebrate student learning in progress.

The Town Meeting gives students the opportunity to present their learning-in-progress to the larger school community in a creative, interesting and artful way. There are individual, small group, or whole class presentations.  One will observe students operating microphones and other presentation equipment, and behaving as a respectful audience. Through Town Meetings, students gain confidence performing and presenting. HOT Schools encourage parents, community and board of education members to attend.

HOT Schools Quote

"I live on North Main street in a three family house. My house is yellow. I live on the bottom floor with my family. There are six of us. Their names are Brianna, Brandon, Tim, David, Patty and Patrick. We all fit just fine, just like a family should."

Tim, First Grade