Teacher Artist Collaborations

A Collaborative Partnership

Teacher Artist Collaborations (TACs) are a critical component of the HOT Schools Program. They are planned with a rigor that expands and deepens the traditional teaching artist residency, taking residencies to the next level. In HOT Schools, teaching artists with extraordinary skills in one particular arts discipline: dance; theater; visual arts; music or creative writing are partnered with teachers whose extraordinary skill resides in their content knowledge and understanding of certain strategies for transmitting that knowledge to students. Together, the team forges a collaborative partnership to design authentic arts-integrated learning opportunities for students through which students apply higher order thinking processes of imagining, decision-making, creating, performing, and responding.

Over the years, the Connecticut Office of the Arts has built a strong pool of teaching artists as part of their Directory of Teaching Artists. Teaching artists who work in HOT Schools are required to attend the HOT Schools Summer Institute and other HOT professional development, where they gain the skills to transfer the knowledge of their discipline, as well as their vision of the world, to others. They become experts in planning arts-integrated learning experiences that concentrate on specific content students are expected to master. In addition, partnering teachers come away with new skills in teaching in, about and through the arts.

Connecticut Teaching Artists may apply to join the Connecticut Office of the Arts Teaching Artist Directory

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The Teaching Artist Collaboration Provides: 

  • Classroom teachers with arts-infused strategies for delivering core content during and beyond the TAC
  • Artists with deeper insight into the curriculum
  • Students with rich opportunities that encourage them to identify, connect, and synthesize ideas and concepts between and among disciplines.


Aligning the HOT Approach


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The HOT Approach 1. Encourages curiosity and discovery; inspires creative expression through all arts disciplines; values process equally with product.
National Core Arts Standards: Anchor Standards1. Creating: conceiving and developing new artistic ideas & work; generating and conceptualizing artistic ideas and work.
The Common Core State Standards1. The importance of student discovery and the process of learning in relation to research; focusing on process, not just content.
The HOT Approach 2. Provides deep understanding of Multiple Intelligences Theory, allowing students and teachers to hone and maximize individual learning styles to demonstrate and share knowledge.
National Core Arts Standards: Anchor Standards2. Presenting: selecting, developing, and refining artistic work for presentation; conveying meaning through the presentation of artistic work.
The Common Core State Standards2. Demonstrating deep understanding of content; communicating knowledge with audiences through high quality presentations in multiple arts disciplines, making strategic use of digital media and visual displays.
The HOT Approach 3. Stimulates Higher Order Thinking Skills; creating, evaluating, analysing, applying, as well as understanding and remembering.
National Core Arts Standards: Anchor Standards3. Responding: analyzing, interpreting, and using criteria to evaluate artistic work.
The Common Core State Standards3. Leading high-level, text-based discussions; increasing text complexity (“text” can be defined as written word, works of art, dance, theater, poetry, etc.); providing text- based evidence to support arguments.
The HOT Approach 4. Cultivates voice, choice, participation, authentic engagement and responsibility.
National Core Arts Standards: Anchor Standards4. Connecting: relating artistic ideas and work with personal meaning and external context.
The Common Core State Standards4. Seeking meaningful engagement; designing assignments for real audiences and real purposes;
participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners, building on each other’s ideas and expressing their own.

HOT Schools Quote

“The arts embody expression, risk taking, and learning at multiple levels. They allow us to see the world through our own unique lens and connect with those around us in more meaningful ways. HOT Schools provides that opportunity for students and teachers every day. I feel so fortunate to be a Teaching Artist in a HOT school.”

Thomasina Levy, CCT Teaching Artist and Connecticut State Troubadour 2005/2006