Guide, Confidante, Facilitator

“By its very nature, change is innovative, and innovation is difficult”*. HOT Schools Coaches are integral to the change process and must be transparent in their efforts to create leadership teams who can communicate how the vision of the HOT Schools Program is aligned with the vision of the school community, its school improvement plan and the development of their collaborative culture.

Cultivating leadership at every level is integral to the HOT Schools APPROACH. Providing peer mentoring for principal, classroom teachers and teaching artists allows the program to build upon the strength and wisdom of participants at every level of the program. The Program’s longevity means that there are both retired teachers and principals who demonstrated excellence and a commitment to the HOT APPROACH during their careers and now continue their contribution as HOT Schools coaches.

*Adapted from report from The Center for Collaborative Education The Role of External Facilitators in Whole School Reform, Jay Feldman and Rosann Tong

HOT Schools Quote

"I love being able to see HOT Schools in action across the state. Visiting all the schools has been a joyful experience. I find it wonderfully exciting to cross-pollinate ideas across schools while talking with students and teachers about what makes their school HOT and special."

Betty Hadlock, HOT Schools Coach