HOT Blocks

Cross Curricular Collaborations

HOT Blocks are a creative intervention model where cross curricular collaborations between grade-level teachers and arts classroom teachers support students in Scientific Research Based Interventions (SRBI) in their learning of language arts and math content through the arts. The outcome has been positive with more students being exited from remedial support services.

This unique approach, developed by teachers and administrators at Samuel Staples HOT school, provides collaborative partnership opportunities between arts and non-arts classroom teachers and benefits all students, not only students in need of intervention.

HOT Schools Quote

“HOT Blocks have afforded my students and staff many wonderful benefits….No matter the art form, students are interested and engaged, which regularly leads to student achievement….Co-teaching in this model has without question contributed to genuine connections and collegial respect for one another that is based in purposeful, successful partnerships.”

Kim Fox Santora, Principal, Samuel Staples Elementary School