Enhanced Curricular HOT Opportunities

Engaging students in learning experiences

ECHOs (Enhanced Curricular HOT Opportunities) are designated time blocks which engage the whole school, often in multi-aged groupings, in active learning.

ECHOs engage students in real world learning experiences in which students apply advanced content and methods to develop products and services that have an impact on intended audiences. ECHOs are student-driven and they facilitate higher order thinking by providing students with opportunities to apply their interests, knowledge, thinking skills, and creative ideas to self-selected problems or areas of study.

HOT Schools Quote

“ECHOs provide meaningful, rigorous problem solving experiences for all students, across all disciplines. High quality ECHOs foster academic achievement, Higher Order Thinking, problem finding and solving, talent development, life-long learning, inquiry, innovation and aspire to create responsible, actively engaged citizens.”

Linda Eakin, Former HOT school classroom teacher and Site Coordinator