Journey of a HOT School

Embracing the HOT APPROACH

Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Schools are sustainable, vibrant learning communities with a shared vision in which educators of all disciplines regularly and confidently collaborate to create arts and arts-integrated learning opportunities that stimulate learning across subjects.

Each school has a unique climate and culture cultivating leadership, voice, choice, participation and responsibility in all stakeholders: students, staff and parents. Schools fully immersed in the HOT APPROACH foster critical thinking and creative problem solving, curiosity, social and emotional development and risk taking as essential learning and life skills. Participating in the HOT Schools program is a process of “becoming” which begins by embracing the HOT APPROACH(™) to arts-integrated teaching and learning in a democratic school community. “becoming HOT” is a continuous and evolving process.

Becoming Affiliated

Schools choosing to become affiliated with the HOT Schools program understand the process requirements.

If your school chooses to participate in the HOT Schools Journey, you will self-identify and move along the Continuum of Participation from the Arts Access, Arts Connection/Correlation or Arts Integration levels (a 3 year commitment). Most participating HOT Schools have been part of the HOT Schools community for more than 5 years, some for over 20 years. For more information about the the application contact us.

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