Seven rural, urban, and suburban K-12 participating HOT Schools were awarded the distinction of Spotlight HOT Schools.  These schools have each achieved specific benchmarks along the HOT Schools’ rubric and Continuum of Participation.  

The HOT Schools rubric and Continuum of Participation, along with annual goal setting and reflection are intended to guide schools along the ups and downs of a continuous growth and development path that is unique to each school. And the processes of planning/goal setting, implementation, data collection/reflection, clarifying and revising goals, and back to planning… using the HOT Schools rubric and Continuum of Participation is what we refer to as “The Process of Becoming HOT.” 

Spotlight HOT schools will receive concentrated resources and intensive services in HOT pedagogy, practice, and leadership to support the continued advancement of each school’s growth and development along the continuum, and they will share best practices with educators state and nationwide through multiple visitation and workshop events.

Spotlight HOT schools were selected with careful consideration given to the specific characteristics of each school such as geography, grade levels, governing policies, and demographics in addition to outstanding achievements and progress each school has made along the HOT Schools growth continuum in the Process of Becoming HOT.  Some schools started out stronger in one area than in others and some have come much farther in certain areas than others, and as is the nature of education - all have work to do.  But each Spotlight HOT school has made significant improvements over time and each has committed to a HOT philosophy and to employing the HOT Approach with fidelity.  

By selecting Spotlight HOT schools in this way virtually any K-12 educator can visit a school or classroom with characteristics similar to their own to see what steps/strategies have been and continue to be taken towards “Becoming HOT.” This marks the beginning of each educator’s or school community’s personal growth journey.

We encourage you to visit one or more.



Integrated Day Charter School, Norwich CT

Pre Kindergarten through 8th grades  ~  330 students   


Jack Jackter Intermediate School, Colchester CT

3rd through 5th grades  ~  502 students    


John Lyman School, Middlefield CT

Kindergarten through 4th grades  ~ 261 students


Kinsella Performing Arts Magnet School, Hartford CT

Pre Kindergarten through 12th grades  ~ 907 students


Lincoln Middle School, Meriden CT  

6th through 8th grades  ~  736 students 


Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School, New London CT

Kindergarten through 5th grades  ~ 524 students


Pleasant Valley School, South Windsor CT

Pre Kindergarten through 5th grades  ~ 358 students

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