Integrated Day Charter School - Exploration Day

Mar 23rd 8:30 am - 2:00 pm

Integrated Day Charter School - 68 Thermos Avenue, Norwich, CT

As you enter the building, you will note the uniqueness of the architecture.  IDCS is housed in the original Thermos Factory.  Open spaces, numerous windows and unique wall colors contribute to a creative environment which supports a HOT School focus.  As visitors walk through the school, colorful examples of artistic student work and projects are evident throughout.  Arts integration units, unique student research projects and student artistic creations permeate every floor. 

On Friday, March 23rd, visitors will have the good fortune to witness the beginning of our latest mural project.  This month, the Integrated Day Charter School is welcoming back mural artist, Kristen Thornton.  This mural will be a continuation of a project that was begun two years ago. Students will be researching and painting the flora and fauna of the Themes River in Norwich CT.  In addition, as you explore our middle school, please note the murals that have been created in i-Math classes using mathematical formulas and concepts. Feel free to wander and ask questions. The vibrancy of the arts in visible in every corner our school.